Lime Oil

Origin of Lime Oil

Lime oil, like other citrus essential oils, is obtained in its purest form by cold-pressing of fresh fruit rind. It may also be extracted by steam distillation which destroys its phototoxicity on the skin. As with other citrus fruits, limes are found in warmer climates and are abundant in Asia, Central America and the Mediterranean, in addition to being a domestically-grown cash crop in parts of the United States where climates are mild year-round. Texas, Arizona, California and Florida are states which grow and market citrus fruits. Lime oil is produced primarily in the West Indies. It is believed that the explorer, Ponce DeLeon brought limes to Florida in 1513. Lime trees are characteristically similar to lemon trees in both growth and habit.

Usage, Dosage and Toxicity of Lime Oil

Lime oil is famous for many of the same properties exhibited by lemon oil, but is distinctly greener in color and has a sharper aroma and flavor. Recommended storage options for lime oils are similar to those of lemon and other essential oils, but lime does not possess longevity of its distinguishing characteristics over time, so should be used as rapidly as possible to take full advantage of its benefits. Lime oil can be used and diluted in similar fashion as lemon oil to reduce its mild toxicity and take optimal advantage of its positive properties.

Lime oil extracts are nearly as popular as those of the lemon, but due to its more pungent taste and aroma, lime oil is likely to be more heavily blended with other aromatics to enhance their scent and flavor. Like lemon oil, lime oil can be used equally well as a detergent, disinfectant, diuretic, cold or fever treatment, skin tonic, restorative and aperitif. Lemon-lime flavoring is the most popular soda flavor next to cola and is widely used to concoct alcoholic beverages, in addition to popular juice and carbonated drinks. Both lemon and lime oils are used to flavor baked goods, condiments, candy, meat products, gelatins, puddings and other desserts.

Origin of Lime Oil | Usage, Dosage and Toxicity of Lime Oil